Life is good on the gold coast

You might’ve heard that the west coast is international, that it communicates in multiple languages and enjoys export. Also, the employment level is among the best on the mainland. Ostrobothnia is doing good – but why? The region's special knowledge and entrepreneurial tradition offer only two sides of the truth. Ostrobothnia isn’t all about hard business, there’s also a soft side. The sense of community hidden beneath pinstripes and overalls might surprise you. When an Ostrobothnian gets an idea, you can be sure he makes it happen – but never ever alone. A lot of researchers claim that a strong community explains why Ostrobothnians live longer and happier lives than the rest of the Finns.

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7 bridges and one of the world’s 192 miracles

Ostrobothnia is literally rising from the sea. We’re not talking sunken ancient kingdom here, the real explanation is isostasy – a fancy word for a constant natural phenomenon that modifies the coast line (+ 1 cm / year). New land area equalling some 150 football fields is created each year, so Ostrobothnian’s don’t have to worry about running out of space. Researchers have calculated that we’ll be able to walk to Sweden in about 2 000 years, which is awesome. In the year 2006 isostasy gave the Kvarken a real lift as the unique archipelago was chosen as Finland’s first (and only) UNESCO world nature heritage site. In English it simply means that the Kvarken archipelago is one of the world’s 192 miracles. True story!

In the northern part of Ostrobothnia you’ll find the 7 bridges archipelago. Expect the sea, islands, forests and lakes to take your breath (and heart) away. Did you know that there are actually over 360 islands just in Luoto? If you’re into island hopping, you can consider this a challenge!

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